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SOOW helps grow businesses with insights built from compliant data and trusting relationships with consumers.

Data and technology is more confusing than it needs to be, and now governments are getting involved with regulations and acts such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and Consumer Data Right (CDR) in Australia. At SOOW, we think big and simplify.

Our data engine offers a solution to building a trust based relationship that gives your consumers control so they feel comfortable sharing their data. Empower your business to discover new opportunities through powerful insights, built on compliant consumer data. Stay relevant, competitive, and compliant in a constantly evolving industry. SOOW lets you build better relationships with your consumers so your business can grow.

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World Standard Compliance

We partner with your business to remove compliance risk and help provide competitive advantage. SOOW is compliant with GDPR and CDR regulations and standards. Data isn’t siloed away, it’s connected and compliant without the need to stress about regulations and rules.

Data Driven Decisions

We provide customised insights that are relevant to your business to understand who your customers are and where there are opportunities to increase market share. These actionable analytics are imperative for your business to acquire, retain and win back customers.

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Transparency is Our Commitment

We use advanced consumer permission and consent to connect users with businesses, allowing personalised engagement on a higher, more transparent level.

Our system is opt-in not opt-out, because consent is saying yes. We use blockchain identity technology to help users manage how they share their data with businesses. This allows for greater security, control, and transparency in data sharing.

Our Consumer Promise

“SOOW’s consultative approach has been great, enabling us to design a unique approach to segmentation. With a varied and challenging set of data, it has been important to partner with a team who can think creatively and strategically to come up with the right approach for success.”

Rebecca Alexander-Head

Head of Strategy and Research
Pacific Magazines (Seven West Media)