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Who Are We

We are a technology company focused on rebuilding the relationship between businesses and consumers. Collectively, we are driven by a passion to challenge legacy & deliver something better. SOOW uses leading technology to empower consumers and enable businesses to provide compliant and innovative solutions. We bring together Compliance, Consent, Technology, and Human Experience to grow businesses with best practice.


At SOOW, we believe that technology and data can make people’s lives better. At the heart of this belief is a vision that we call #greenculture.

1. Treat people well.

We put people first, that includes our clients and extends to the way we think about and build our products.

2. Be easy to do business with.

We know that SOOW can grow businesses. If the client experience doesn’t meet expectations we will give your money back, guaranteed.

3. Humanise technology.

Terms like ‘blockchain’ and ‘machine learning’ can be overwhelming. Through education and design-led approaches to our process and products, we’re breaking down those barriers and humanising the technology for the benefit of you.

4. Pursue our goals as a team.

We’re a team inside and outside of the workplace and we’re committed to helping each other achieve quarterly KPI’s as well as running marathons.

5. Make decisions like an owner.

We’re a collaborative business and we trust each other to make decisions as an owner. This autonomous freedom allows our team to grow and the business to keep moving forward.

6. Have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Venture Fund initiative is designed to create an environment for great minds to explore and develop industry leading ideas with new technology.

7. Bias for action.

Change doesn’t happen when you sit around and wait for it. We’re a team of change agents leading an industry – we discover, develop and get things done.

8. Think big and simplify.

We’ll never let the roadblocks get in the way of solving a big problem. We think big and break down the ways we can get there.

9. Actively benefit the community.

Does it reduce the cost of living? Does it improve quality of life? If it doesn’t do either of those, we don’t do it – simple.

10. Make people look like heroes.

We’re here for our consumers and our clients and believe in working with everyone to achieve greatness.

Join us and work on solving some of the top challenges in the data industry!

SOOW is working with new and exciting technology to design and build systems that will shape the future of industries, old and new. We work in areas such as blockchain, machine learning, data consent and management, open banking. We apply this technology to industries from agriculture to health and everything in-between.

There are no positions up at the moment but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to learn more about you. If you have an interest in working with us get into contact and send us a link to your resume.

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SOOW Ventures

We apply expertise, proprietary data & technological excellence to accelerate growth. We are driven by a passion to challenge legacy, through the intersection of unique brands, data, technology & experience.

SOOW Ventures is the investment arm of SOOW. We leverage our proprietary SOOW engine, predictive modelling and behavioural economics to empower our portfolio companies. We are interested in passionate founders who are inspired to use data-driven insights to increase their market share, while empowering their customers to live better lives.

Our network of entrepreneurs, investors, retailers and industry experts provides access to quality resources. Collectively, we are driven by a passion to challenge legacy & deliver something better.