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Our machine learning technology allows us to incorporate all kinds of data into our analysis & activation modelling. We take the guesswork out of your revenue growth strategies. SOOW uses leading technology to empower consumers and enable businesses to provide innovative data compliant solutions.

Our process involves onboarding your enterprise data with open banking consumer data to give you a clear picture of who your customer is. We manage your customer data to ensure it is stored and used in a compliant manner. Our machine learning technology enables us to incorporate various types of data into our analysis & activation modelling. The SOOW engine gives valuable insights that are imperative to understanding your customers and increasing your market share. We provide you with what you need to effectively activate campaigns to acquire, retain and win back customers across your marketing and advertising stacks.

Synthesise Customer Data

We import, ingest and segment your hashed enterprise data and utilise open banking to gain a clear picture of the customers that are relevant to your business. We give you a full picture of who your customer is and where they spend their money with you as well as with other businesses in your sector.

Manage Consumer Consent

With the introduction of Consumer Data Right, it is important now more than ever to secure and manage customer data in a compliant and responsible manner. We have focused our efforts on getting this piece of our business right so you can focus on growing yours.

Data Driven Insights

We provide customised insights that are relevant to your business to understand who your customers are and where there are opportunities to increase market share. These actionable analytics are imperative for your business to acquire, retain and win back customers.

Start Building Relationships

Our sophisticated API's integrate with your marketing and sales stacks for activation campaigns to relevant customers. Our industry experts are available to work with you to lend their expertise and guidance on how to bring these activation campaigns to life.

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Understanding Consumer Data Right

Learn about the new legislation coming to Australia and how it will affect your business.

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