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Why We Are Nostalgic for 19th-Century Customer Data

A decade of data scandals & privacy breaches have made consumers suspicious of the idea that businesses care about their privacy. It wasn’t always this way.

The Cost of Compromise: Data Breaches in 2018

Consumer data has evolved and capturing customer information becomes increasingly more accessible — with increased risk of data security.

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SOOW announced as Lions’ new co-major partner

The Brisbane Lions announces Queensland based technology company SOOW, as new co-major partner of AFL & AFLW teams until 2020.

What does Consumer Data Right mean for Consumers?

Individuals own and control their data, who can access it and how it can be used.

Open Banking & Consumer Data Right

What is Open Banking and why is it included in the Consumer Data Right bill?

Unlocking Compliant Customer Insights

Using Data to make informed business decisions.